Stephen Obar

Meg Brown is amazing! Her common sense and strategic approach work in an easy to understand way. Working alongside her has been far more helpful than any business class I took in college. She helped me to think differently, approach work differently, and to earn money in ways I didn’t think possible.

Meg has taught me invaluable lessons in the last 3 years or so. I highly recommend soaking up all she has to offer to really give you a refreshed perspective on finances and lifestyle. Personally, I wouldn’t be where I am without her help. It’s almost freaky how she seems to always be 3 steps ahead of the game.

- Stephen Obar, USA

Dan Keough is a Singer, actor, social-carer from Ireland

What can I say about Meg?

I was at a stage when I needed a leader, someone to show me something different, a new way of pursuing another path towards being the person I wanted to be.

Then she advertised for people to join her as an ambassador for her WLR program. I applied and low and behold I was hired.

From the very first moment, Meg showed a belief in me that I had not experienced and through that, educated and supported me through adopting a whole new perspective on health, exercise, but most importantly, taking responsibility for my own shit and pursuing what I thought was impossible for me.

Do whatever you can to have Meg give you the start that you need to be the best you. You will not regret it. 

My life changed because she took a chance on me.

I will be forever grateful.

Thanks Meg.

- Dan Keogh, Ireland

Great Hansen Begg

I've never been 5 weeks out from hearing someone speak and still rising every morning chanting a principle she taught me. Talk about impact!  Not only my badass fitness life but also my work and my sex life were revved up by Meg's talk at Banff Transformation Weekend in January.   She impressed upon me that in order to get shit done, procrastination needs to be my four letter word.  Meg inspired me to grab life, love myself unconditionally, and take action on my goals.

Thanks Meg!   

-Greta Hansen Begg, USA

Jenn is a financial and debt destruction consultant

Meg Brown offered me something I've never had before losing weight. F.U.N. She made it fun. She made it enjoyable. She made it about the journey and not about the destination. Her first advice was to toss the scale and just exercise to feel good. Be driven by a desire to be the best version of yourself and not the version you think you "should" be because of what society and the media dictate. It didn't have to be about being a supermodel. She made it OK to just simply be about enjoying a bike ride with family or a race to the park with my kids. In the fitness community it's hard to find a leader that will say it's ok to have an ice cream with the kids on a hot day or a fancy dinner out with your husband.

With Meg there was no guilt. Just a love of life. My life.

- Jenn Widney, Canada

Erin Laurvick

When I found Meg, I was quite literally at rock bottom. I was a lump of gooey mess. My life had become unmanageable.

I was anorexic-bulimic and an addict. Divorced. Raising three kids on my own. Overweight, weak, stressed out, miserable. I fought with my own existence every. single. day. I thought about suicide often, not because I wanted to kill myself, but because “at least if I was dead, I wouldn’t feel like THIS.”

By the time I approached Meg and her program, it was because I had a choice to make: find help on my terms, or admit myself to rehab.

I picked Meg.

From her very first email, I knew my life was changing. I felt powerful. I felt stronger. Most importantly, I felt hopeful, and I hadn’t felt that way in a long, long time.

I knew that with Meg and her program, I could turn my life around and make it amazing.

Meg won’t do things for you. She won’t hold your hand while you cry about problems, or validate your excuses when you don’t deliver.

What she will do is stand beside you, clapping and cheering, talk you through trouble, and point out every single wonderful thing that you already have. She will make you the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

At the end, you will not recognize yourself. I barely recognize myself; I’m not the same person I was before I found Meg.

Edmund Lee said, “Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.”

If you spend your time with Meg, all of your greatness will be revealed.

- Erin Laurvick, USA

Amanda Wozny

I discovered Meg through her iconic FB page "Fit Bitch" shortly after she started it. I always found her posts articulate, relatable, and profane, all qualities I can appreciate. I was a participant in her very first Hardcore Hotties Challenge group where my appreciation of her passion and knowledge grew. She knows what she's talking about it when it comes to fitness and food, and life in general, and she presents it in a very candid, no bullshit format which I totally love.

I truly believe Meg is one of those people who can probably motivate and teach you to do pretty much anything in life, all while simultaneously being your toughest critic, but also your biggest cheerleader. I recently had the pleasure of meeting her in person and I can say she's every bit of the awesome you expect her to be. And she swears just as much in person, which makes her both totally authentic and my favourite kind of lady!

- Amanda Wozny, Canada

I have been blessed to have worked with Meg Brown over the past two years. What started out as weight loss program lead by one of the most bad ass women in the industry turned into a mentorship, support system and friendship that has changed my life. There has been a series of fortunate events that have happened in my life because of a domino effect set off by Meg. I’ve become the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life, mentally and physically. My relationships are profoundly stronger and I’m in the middle of launching my own Wellness business.  Meg believed in me and gave me the tools to finally believe in myself. With her guidance I have become the person, mother, partner and friend that I always knew I could be. I treat myself with far more kindness and I’ve opened myself up to a world of possibilities that only a person with confidence and pride in themselves can. Meg’s coaching taught me to be gentle with myself, but not take any shit either (from myself or others). Her style of coaching is the most brilliant combination of soft love and tough love necessary to unleash your inner strength. 

- Toni MacDonald, Canada

Working with Meg was one of the greatest decisions I've made. What I love about her is she so real. She doesn't speak down to you. She's been where you are, and most importantly she truly cares about your outcome. I love so much that she is invested not only in your physical health, but in your mental state as well. She helped me understand that working on both your mental health, and physical health at the same time go hand-in-hand in creating positive results. She's wonderful at helping you make small steps every day long term which in the end make big strides. She doesn't tell you that you have to be all in right now, drop everything, change everything. Her approach is much more subtle, much more achievable.

Meg helped me focus on small things I could do in real time, right now, every day which in turn became a habit. Then she would add to it, and add to it, before you know it you're making huge strides and leaps. Before you know it you look back accomplished so many things in such a short amount of time. She truly has the formula for success. She is one of those rare loyal people who cares so much about other peoples victories. My life is better because of her involvement in it.

- Brandie Sedore, Canada