5 Fun Date Nights (No Babysitter Needed!)

Before kids. Ah the good old days... are gone and dead.  

Before kids. Ah the good old days... are gone and dead.  

When you're busy and you have kids, date night seems basically impossible. It requires SO MUCH PLANNING. Babysitters. Who's driving? You drank last time! We can't be home too late! $460 later you might have a moderately decent time, but date night can be easy and fun (and cheap) again with these awesome ideas. 

1. Video game night: two great choices for couples are MarioKart (duh) and my personal favorite, Diablo 3. Buy some junk food and beer, and game your little hearts out after the monsters are asleep. 

2. Pantry wars: feed the kids their favorite chicken fingers for dinner and wait until they're in bed to make a meal for yourselves. Pick 3-4 things from the fridge and pantry and challenge each other to make dinner Chopped style! Judge your dishes, loser cleans the kitchen! 

3. Outdoor wine pairing: buy a nice bottle of wine and find an appetizer to pair it with (frozen taquitos don't count). After the kids go to bed, put your appies together and sit on the porch or deck. Display your booze pairing prowess to your partner and enjoy!

4. Games night: pick your favorite board game or card game, bust out the fancy snacks (Chicago popcorn helloooooo) and get ready for a little competition. Our favorites are cribbage, Monopoly Millionaire (try not to get divorced), and Yahtzee. We also love Jenga but it's a little loud if you have sleeping brats. Errrr angels.

5. Massage movie night: a sexier take on the old standby. Pick a movie, and take turns sitting behind your partner for a nice shoulder rub. Hand and foot massages are equally awesome, and there are ummm more sensual options too. Pro tip: if your TV is in an area where your kids might be a cockblock, opt for watching on a laptop or tablet in your room.